Strategies for Executive Retirement Planning with MSIC

Nov 11, 2023
On October 24,2023 MSIC hosted a webinar strategy session, for their member Credit Unions, regarding SERP 101. During this session, Modern Capital and Baystate Financial discussed how the C-suite can maximize executive benefits with supplemental retirement plans, and discussed solutions for long-term financial security and rewarding retirement options that will help credit unions attract and retain executive-level talent.


Modern Capital Executive Solutions

Modern Capital Executive Solutions (MCES) has more than 20 years of experience consulting on key personnel retention, reward, and recruitment plans (often referred to as SERPs), as well as investment and expense mitigation.
There’s no secret to designing executive solutions. Due diligence, compliance, and service beat all others. Our focus on safety and soundness hasn’t changed despite changes in the non-profit and for-profit sectors. From design to implementation to ongoing service and administration, we keep an eye on your plans to make sure they are compliant and working well, even as markets and rules change.

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