Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Modern Capital, a diversified financial services firm, announced today that it is expanding its footprint across the investment advisory sector of its firm and is actively recruiting experienced advisors who are looking to expand the scope of their practices to include bespoke portfolio management and technology delivered client experiences.  

Modern Capital is providing retail financial advisors the ability to customize their practices to their ideal client’s preferred relationship by leveraging the firm’s robust technology platform. The firm aims to both grow its retail advisory arm while modernizing retail financial services, setting the pace for adoption and innovation within what is frequently a legacy sector.

“Our goal is to enable financial advisors with an entrepreneurial spirit the ability to grow their business exponentially by providing the resources of a technology firm alongside the investment management capabilities of a large advisory firm without the limitations and constraints that are common at legacy firms today.” said Dan Shanahan, an Executive Vice President of Modern Capital. 

It is the perspective of Modern Capital that the cornerstone of a modern financial services professional is a desire to communicate and serve their clientele on the client’s terms with improved systems and the personalized oversight of a boutique operation.

Retail financial advisors who are interested in joining the firm are able to submit their information to

About Modern Capital

Modern Capital is a Charleston, South Carolina based diversified financial services firm which was started with the simple yet audacious goal of improving both the experience and outcome of retail financial clients through an advisor-empowered model. This approach leverages technology and data insights along with a contemporary revisioning of products and services to democratize opportunities for wealth planning and preservation, such as had previously been reserved only for ultra-wealthy individuals and institutional investors. By building innovative investment vehicles and technologies, Modern Capital is guiding its clientele to sustainable wealth.

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