Protect Your Human Capital Investment, Correlate to Organization Goals, & Sustain Financial Stability

Non-Profits play an extremely important role in their respective communities, to their constituents, as well as their employees & leadership. It our job is to understand that role, and help you achieve your mission both now and into the future. Our non-profit clients (both management and boards of governance) leverage our expertise to design, implement, and administer…

With a key focus on financial and tax efficiency, the result is more than often an increased focus on community, protection of human capital investment, enhanced financial stability, and a further commitment to the mission.

Modern Capital Executive Solutions is led by a myriad of expert consultants, comprised of both originators in the non-profit industry, to young hungry talent, eager to help in any way they can. Further we have remained focused with everything we do, while simultaneously being innovative, as well as being a thought leader with regulatory compliance (on both a state and federal level).

With over 75 years of combined expertise at Modern Capital Executive Solutions, Credit Unions, Healthcare Institutions, Higher Education, Associations, and other High-Performance Non-Profits, have partnered with us to use our expertise to drive yield, supplement retirement, and optimize retention and succession.

Our Process:

1) Listen to & Internalize an organization’s goals & vision, moving forward.
2) Educate all parties on their respective options.
3) Customize/Design a solution that accomplishes said intent.
4) Review & Modify the plan proposal, as needed, while analyzing the financial impact.
5) Reconfirm mission, goals, values, and intent are being met.
6) Implement & Deliver the solution, along with all applicable due diligence.
7) Service & Administer the programs moving forward.