Expertise – Independent Consulting

Expertise - Independent Consulting

Complimentary Audits of Current SERP Plans… Or… Fee Based Education

1) Complimentary Reviews of your current SERPs

Even the most well designed, thought out SERP programs need constant compliance updates, due diligence reviews, board fiduciary checks, total remuneration re-evaluations, and prep for ongoing auditor & regulatory exams. Thus, if you are not realizing the level of servicing you were once promised, or are running into foreign issues with your current SERP programs, then we recommend you leveraging the over 75 years of combined expertise at Modern Capital Executive Solutions to review your plan, redesign, recommend, educate, and implement changes (if applicable).
For example, is your current 409(a)/457(f), Split Dollar, and/or Restricted Bonus Arrangement…
If so, we may be able to save your organization significant expenses when unwinding, updating or restructuring your SERP plan. This is done through…

2) Fee Based Education

Is your organization tired of being “sold to”? In a “perfect world”, would you prefer to receive unbiased advice and guidance when looking to implement SERPs for the first time, or update current programs?
If so, Modern Capital Executive Solutions offers a menu of fee based educational options, where you can engage our firm to come in and educate both management and the Board of Governance on:
Further, given both parties agree to a one time upfront fee, Modern Capital Executive Solutions will not partake as a potential vendor for any new SERP plans, to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Interested in Learning More?

The best way to get started is to schedule an informal discovery call where we discuss at a high level your challenges and what you wish to accomplish.
Our client relationships often start with an educational session (which may include your leadership team, board of directors, or both) to explain how the different types of plans work.
Ready to send a RFP/RFI? Interested in an informal discovery call and/or educational session?
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