Expertise - Charitable Donation Accounts

Donating to Charity without being a Detriment to your Bottom Line

As you are probably aware, charity is a huge part of the non-profit movement and culture; however, charity budgets can be pinched during these economic dips when they should really be when we give the most. Because of this fact, we have assisted several organizations in learning more about, designing, implementing and servicing their own respective charitable donation accounts (CDAs).

These tools allow organizations to leverage alternative investments to fund their annual donations. Thus, moving from a straight line expense to the institution to a program where principal recovery, if not principal recover plus interest, is attainable.

Further, CDAs are easy to implement and can be designed to consistently pay out to charity despite what happens to the economy or the non-profit’s performance.

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The best way to get started is to schedule an informal discovery call where we discuss at a high level your challenges and what you wish to accomplish.

Our client relationships often start with an educational session (which may include your leadership team, board of directors, or both) to explain how the different types of plans work.

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