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What we do

We help organizations grow by retaining, rewarding, and recruiting its top-level talent via supplemental benefits & income. We tailor customized designs and strategies to protect, Human Capital, arguably the most important corporate asset. We also consult on ways to increase non-interest income to the bottom line, offset employee benefit costs, and donate to charity in financially optimal ways.

Key Personnel & Executive Benefits

Ensuring you have the right team, at all times, to lead your organization into the future. (Learn More)

Improving your Organization’s Financials

Benefit Liability Management, Institutional Investment Upgrades, Cost Mitigation.

Independent Consulting

Need an independent audit of your current compensation, short & long term incentives structure?

Why Choose us?

Our History

Modern Capital Executive Solutions is a leading consulting firm in both the non-profit and for-profit worlds, with a niche specialty in key personnel retention & reward programs, as well as investment & expense mitigation. With over 75 years of combined experience, we are better positioned, than ever, to deliver solutions consistent with the objectives of our clients.

Our Process

1) Listen to & understand goals & vision
2) Educate on all options
3) Customize a solution for each employee
4) Implement & Deliver the solution with applicable due diligence
5) Consistent Service & Administration so that goals continue to be met

Our Commitment

Given there are no proprietary ideas, concepts, and designs, we pride ourselves on helping you build your ideal program and strategy, while also servicing and updating the program, on an ongoing basis. At all times our goal is to be aligned with both leadership and boards.

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Strategies for Executive Retirement Planning with MSIC

On October 24,2023 MSIC hosted a webinar strategy session, for their member Credit Unions, regarding SERP 101. During this session, Modern Capital and Baystate Financial discussed how the C-suite can maximize executive benefits with supplemental retirement plans, and discussed solutions for long-term financial security and rewarding retirement options that will help credit unions attract and retain executive-level talent.

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TCT Risk Solutions/Modern Capital Joint Webinar on Capaxa LLC

TCT Risk Solutions/Modern Capital Joint Webinar on Capaxa LLC Apr 14, 2023 https://moderncapes.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/GMT20230412-170008_Recording.cutfile.20230412200359805_1920x1200.mp4 About Modern Capital Executive Solutions Modern Capital Executive Solutions (MCES) has more

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